Jacquelyn Verze-Reeher was born in Guam USA. Currently she resides in San Francisco with her American Shorthair cat who was once a stray, and her Chihuahua who she saved from an abusive neighbor.

Always dreaming and always asking the question “what if” she was quickly dubbed as “the weird one” in school. Her first major piece of writing was a play that she wrote for a homework assignment on the Great Wall of China, which both the teacher and principal wished to put it on stage, sadly however, the school had no drama program so after receiving her A+ on the assignment the play was tucked away in a drawer.

Jacquelyn works on several books of several genres at once depending on her mood. She does this on purpose, to allow the fantasy fiction creating parts of her mind to wander and think up fresh ideas while she writes out her science fiction books and vise versa, and same with her Literary fiction, and her supernatural fiction books too. Currently the only ones that are available are the fantasy fiction series The Velvet Book. She has well over 32 book in the works (including The Velvet Book series), so stay tuned, because there will be a lot more to come.


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