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Stars pic    A Most Excellent Read!

Fast paced fantasy that incorporates almost every creature imaginable in an alternate universe where four high school students find themselves enlisted as an army of assorted characters who are trying to save the world from a shadowy villain named The Phantom. More New Adult, rather than YA, it has a fair amount of gore, but the fab four Amy, Melody, James and John keep the reader engaged as well as entertained. Fairies, Vampiresses, a powerful warrior woman, ghostly skeletons, and a big, bad wolf are just some of the fierce villains in the creative nether world in which the brave students must learn how to use both their wits and skills to overcome evil. There’s a special book, spells, magic, menacing creatures, even a royal family. Sometimes action-packed, often humorous, Verze-Reeher keeps the action coming. Amy and Melody are strong characters and share great chemistry, while James and John remind me of Bill and Ted. More than once their dialogue made me smile, “Dude!”
A most excellent read!

-Award Winning Author Carol P. Roman (Via Amazon.com & Goodreads.com)

Stars pic

Blown Away

Well started reading last night and I’m well and truly hooked! Very intriguing and the writing draws you right into the story!

-Gail Cleaver (Via Amazon.com & Goodreads.com)


Stars pic“The Velvet Book”… a thrilling Young Adult adventure…

“The Velvet Book, In the Beginning” is the first book in a Young Adult (YA) fantasy adventure series by author Jacqueline Verze-Reeher. This Kindle e-book was approximately 195 printed pages and sold for $4.99 at time of writing this review.

Please Note: I was provided with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

General Theme (minor spoilers)
Fate has thrown together four young teens at Saint Statisquo’s Boarding School for Boys and Girls. And unknown to each of them, they all bear the unique mark of ‘the Scar of Blade’… a skin marking that identifies them as the potential saviors of the world of Mirunder. Set initially on St. Statisquo’s campus and then on Mirunder after our 4 heroes are kidnapped and transported there via a mysterious portal. Thus begins Amy, Melody, John and James’ adventure…

Some thoughts on “The Velvet Book… ”

This is a novel in the YA genre and features some YA story-telling at its best. A tale, I believe, meant for the tween to mid-teen reader and maybe slanted a little towards a younger female audience… and maybe reflected in the choice of image on the front cover.

A book filled with magic, travel, battles, encounters, and reckless deeds of daring-do. Whether it is the good guys or the bad guys there is always something going on… some plotting or scheming that makes for an exciting and thrilling, action packed story that has little down time.

It even has a rudimentary map to help with distance, direction and topography… bravo.
As a YA novel… 5 Stars.
-Ray Nicholson (Via Amazon.com)


Stars picDid I resent anything that pulled me away from reading the book…like work, eating, sleeping? In this case, yes I did.

Ok, first the recommendation, then specifics. I have several criteria for recommending books, and they’re pretty simple. Did I resent anything that pulled me away from reading the book…like work, eating, sleeping? In this case, yes I did. Did I think about the book and its characters when I wasn’t actually reading it? Again, yes I did. Was I sorry when it ended? Yes, very much!
This is a series, of which I am glad because I am quite ready for Book 2, thank you very much. Verze-Reeher is a skillful world builder: she doesn’t show all her cards, but rather unveils each piece of her created universe in its time. There are enough piece to complexify the plot very nicely. The characters are interesting, but we don’t know much about them. That would be a quibble; but I suspect, once again, the author will reveal what she in good time. I particularly want to know more about Amy Collins, having had enough of a glimpse into a troubled past, to want more information. She’s edgier than the other heroes of the book, her friends. She’s a little darker, more cynical, les trusting; she seems like someone who has learned to transcend her troubles to make her stronger. She is going to be a very satisfying heroine of this adventure, I believe.
Some standard elements of fantasy are here, but Verze-Reeher makes them her own, weaving through the plot a lovely sly humor that is a nice touch.
I want to know what happens next. That’s the response every writers looks for. I anticipate the next book and I recommend this one!

-Nancy Wolf


Stars picA great magical fantasy!

A truly magical book which such interesting young characters embodied in a exciting fantasy that will appeal to late teen and early 20’s demography. An exciting book of which you can look forward to the rest of the series.

-Basil Repa (Via Amazon.com)



Stars picWorth the wait!

I finished Book 1 in The Velvet Book series anxiously awaiting Book 2. And I am happy to say that I enjoyed the second book even more than the first. Without sacrificing the action, the author in this book spends more time on the internals of the characters–what makes them tick. That was something I wanted to see in the second book, and I was not disappointed–though I would like even more. Snippets of Amy’s difficult past are subtly woven into the narrative, making me think that we will learn more of her history. She is the most interesting of the four teenagers who are in the quest together: she is darker, sadder, more burdened with her past. And of course these are the very qualities that make her a natural leader and that will probably contribute to her success in the end. As in the first book, there is a good variety of characters, which will give the author a lot of choice in plotting, a lot of potential directions. I am willing to wait (though not too long!) for Book 3, as I hope to see even more character development. There was a good balance of character-driven moments and action sequences. The Phantom isn’t overused. which is good. To me, a totally evil character isn’t as interesting as a flawed character who’s capable of making good decisions, but who often makes bad ones: Amy, Roger, Layla…everyone! (But even the Phantom seems to have come by his evil through events in his past, which will make him more compelling and even possibly sympathetic, a neat trick.) I really have enjoyed both books and am totally looking forward to the next.

-Nancy Wolf (Via Amazon.com)


Stars pic

I really loved this amazing fairy tale. Such a exciting journey for both Amy and Captain Roger’s trip to Fairliean on the ship the Bloody Ruby. Amy had to choose to do this journey which was given to her by the Deities. This story shows of her amazing task although it maybe dark and brutal at times.

This book was an exciting and a great escape in the world of fairies and witches. Such a really fun book to enjoy!!

-Maree (Via Goodreads.com)


Stars pic   More Adventures on The Bloody Ruby

Another such unbelievable magical tale is this amazing book called Mohara. Such an exciting face off from these enemies to let the survivors on the Ruby Rose. Can they just get away?

Such an exciting book this was. With the fight between the Dragon King and the Phantom the crew on board the Ruby Rose decided it was time onto stand up for themselves and to return the fight with their armour on and ready.

Such an amazing book with just so much excitement. I just couldn’t put this book down once. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

* I recommend this book to everyone!!

-Basil Repa (Via Amazon & Goodreads)

Stars pic  With Each Book The Author Has Gotten Better: Her Voice Stronger

In this third book in the series, Amy and her friends confine their quest to stop the evil Phantom. With each book the author has gotten better :her voice stronger, her world-building more complex. Twists and turns are unexpected, and who knows what adventures awake in Book 4?

-Nancy Wolf (Via Amazon)


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